Brian: When I first came to Expert Tutors, I was convinced the SAT was not a test I was capable of scoring well on. Previous tutors had told me that although there was room for improvement, my scores would probably only rise to just above the national average. I had given up, but my parents still felt that I should keep trying and sent me to Expert Tutors. When I got my results back from my SAT after having been at Expert Tutors for 3 months, I was dumbstruck.  I had gone up 300 points from my last SAT!  From then on, I worked harder and harder because I knew as long as I was at Expert Tutors, I could improve even more.  By my last SAT, I had gone up 800 points!! I know it was Expert Tutors that gave me the tools and resources to do this.

Patricia: My experience with Expert Tutors was an extraordinary one. Mrs. Morrison's special techniques for teaching, reading and writing are what make this tutoring service so successful. The unique "Word Explosion" approach helped me learn hundreds of words with ease. The numerous reading exercises available also provided me with an abundant amount of knowledge for the SAT.  Mrs. Morrison's SAT tutoring surpasses other SAT prep classes as it is in a comfortable, yet focused atmosphere. I could not have achieved my score, a 2100, without the guidance at Expert Tutors.

Abeer: Thank you Mrs. Morrison!  Because of Expert Tutors my score went up 300 points and I am now majoring in biomedical engineering.

Kunal: Thank you so much, Mrs. Morrison. My son Kunal was always good in math and writing, but reading and grammar was all thanks to you.  He loved coming to your classes and talking to you even after class.   :-)

Thanks to you, Kunal got a 2300 on his SAT and has been accepted to a number of his first choice universities for pre-med.

Jad and Jana: Expert Tutors is the BEST tutoring program capable of maximizing a student's abilities.  It offers a complete educational experience including both academic and emotional preparation for a stressful testing situation.  We are proud that Jad has graduated with his CFA and Jana with her JD/MBA.  Thank you!

Mallory: I was tutored at Expert Tutors for several months in preparation for the SAT and ACT. Not only did they improve my scores tremendously, but they also improved my academic performance as well. I had such an amazing experience tutoring at Expert Tutors, I always felt very welcomed and appreciated. My sister was also tutored by Mrs. Morrison and she obtained scores that she never thought were possible. Mrs. Morrison makes learning so enjoyable and truly will do anything to make sure one understands the tests and the concepts at hand. Expert Tutors allowed me to take the SAT and ACT with confidence, and ultimately helped me get accepted to my dream school! 


Meena: At Expert Tutors, I can feel myself getting smarter and happier every time I walk into the office. It's fantastic that my SAT scores leaped over four hundred points, but everything I learned from Mrs. Morrison herself is what has truly changed me. Without her unconditional effort, the program wouldn't be alive the way it is today. Expert Tutors is a truly inspiring place from which to learn.


Tara Saltzman PhD: Gerry Morrison is an educational pioneer and leader in mastering the art of education. She is truly an Expert Tutor in the field of college preparation. As a former student, I am mindful of Gerry Morrison’s wonderful insight into the world of words. Through utilizing engaging teaching techniques and strategies that bring words to life, she helps students to achieve success. Every day of her life, Gerry Morrison is dedicated and committed to helping enrich the educational experience for the student. The many hours I spent with Gerry Morrison were invaluable. Her winning techniques helped me to understand my strengths, feel confident in my competencies and better understand my learning style. Gerry Morrison’s program is best described as the beginning of lifelong learning.